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  • Have you ever set your keys down at the gym and walked off without them?
  • Zippered enclosure for Security
  • Comes in 4 Colors

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Measure wrist, forearm, ankle or bicep and add 3” to measurement. Whichever strap length falls within the range of your measurement is the size to order. Same goes for a dog collar.

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When ordering, you will have the option to choose POUCH COLOR and STRAP SIZE.

This versatile little strapped pouch is available in XS, S, M, & L sizes to fit kids, adults and pooches from tiny to large. It is made with Performance fabric (the kind used to make swim suits) in a variety of bright colors and black, attached to a 1” black polypro strap with black plastic sliders and Velcro fasteners, making it adjustable to fit your wrist, ankle, forearm or bicep (and, of course, dogs)—whichever is more comfortable for you. The pouch is fully lined with 100% cotton fabric, reinforced with interfacing and the zippered enclosure secures your items.

Regular Size Pouch


Regular Pouch: 4.50” long, 2.50” wide
(Carry keys, coins, paper money, jewelry, ear buds, credit cards, driver's license, doggie-doodie bags, etc.)

List Price: $14.95


Extra Small Size Pouch


Extra Small Pouch: 3.50” long, 2” wide

(Perfect for kids or tiny pooches!)

List Price: $12.95