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About Me:


After over 25 years in the computer industry, nearly 18 of those years as a graphic and website designer, I decided it was time to reinvent myself.

When I was about 11 or 12, I enjoyed drawing cartoon characters. One day, I decided to turn them into soft sculpture stuffed "animals," and once I started making them, I couldn’t stop. As I got older, I took orders from friends and acquaintances and sold my stuffed characters at local craft shows. Most of my young life was spent drawing, painting, sculpting and using any medium I could think of as a creative outlet. After High School, though, I took a different path and set aside that part of my life for a while.

Returning to my artistic roots, I dusted off my imagination and got to work creating purses, bags, zippered pouches, keychains and, most recently, a collection of original jewelry. Each item is made with love and care and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

It wasn't much of a leap from making pouches and bags to creating the Go-Sak. I'd been working with different keychain pouch designs when another practical use became apparent.

I created the Go-Sak Wearable Zippered Pouch out of necessity. When I started going to the gym I didn’t have anywhere to put my ear buds. All the treadmills, stair machines and bicycles have panels to plug in your earphones if you want to watch a T.V. program during your workout. When I finished with my weight training routine, I would have to go back down to my locker to get them. Once, I tried carrying them around my neck, but it was irritating the way they dangled and quickly became uncomfortable when I started sweating!

Then I had a problem with tennis elbow and used one of those bands on my arm to relieve the pain. I thought, “Wouldn’t it be nice if that band had a small pouch to store my ear buds?”

The need for a slim wrist band to carry essential items brought about the first prototype of the Go-Sak. Soon after, it occurred to me that others might need different size straps and I realized dogs could wear it as a convenient carrying pouch for human or canine items. From there, it was no stretch of the imagination to create larger strap sizes for bigger dogs. It concerned me that the sizes I'd created would be too big for kids, so I designed an extra small pouch with an extra small kid-size strap, that would also fit an adult wrist. Of course, this would be perfect for tiny pooches too!

I've always had an abundance of creative energy and once an idea takes root, I'm compelled to see it through. Making jewelry is such a wonderful way for me to create something beautiful and at the same time bring pleasure to the one who wears one of my pieces.

I make sure each piece is made with meticulous care, using quality materials like glass beads, natural wood, semi-precious stones, sterling silver and Swarovski crystal elements. I continue to work on wire-wrapping techniques with sterling silver wire to create unique and pleasing designs.